Monday, 8 July 2013

Back Again!!!!

Sorry everyone for not doing this for so long!
My Mum was so happy that Andy won!


Hope you have a happy Summer. 

Present For Teatcher.


  1. The present for your teacher looks cool! Did you watch the tennis?

  2. Thank you Ryan!! No wonder you wanted me to look at your blog before I went to bed! So glad your teacher loved her present. All the teachers did. I think we made a lot of teachers smile :-) Yes totally delighted Andy won! What a man! Roll on US Open in September. Love ya son xxxx

  3. Very nice! I love that Margaret Sherry design - the mouse with the violin. I bet your teacher is very happy! Good luck on your crafts!
    Check out the following site (the lady has pretty cool crafts):
    You might need to ask your mum's help for the harder ones (and/or materials).

  4. A lovely finish for your teacher.
    I'm glad Andy won too!
    Keep on blogging (:

  5. Hi from Portugal! Enjoy your Summer :D

  6. Hi Ryan, looking forward to seeing more of your artwork here.
    My son is 10 and has just started sharing his drawing on an Art Forum called Deviant Art.
    Ask your mum if you can click on this link!